About Us

The InformAll Project

There are many organisations doing wondrous acts of generosity. Few however have been created organically, serving the community from the ground up. The Informal project was born of a dream and evolved at ground level with the constant input of those it serves. Our founder HaRav Rubin Shlita felt keenly that there were all too many in the Jewish community who felt disconnected from our communal goals and life. Many cherished movements had become institutionalised because of the welcome growth of the orthodox community. Sadly many felt left out, disconnected and left behind, and these were often the most sensitive and worthy of souls. Our goals are to create an ambience where every Jewish soul can find a positive niche and grow in spiritual terms according to their individuality. No soul should ever feel forgotten, and no individual should think they don’t count.

Where can one start? How can such a great problem begin to be resolved through the efforts of just a few?

The Rav has long held that it is not ours to succeed in every facet, but it is vital that we try.

The informal project is just that, an effort to reach all those seeking, and even those, people who don’t even realise they could seek. The Rav publishes articles continuously that give thousands hope and support.

Like-minded Jewish families in our locality went a step further and under the Rav’s charismatic leadership created a Community that encompasses a house of prayer, lectures and outreach. The Shul offers an orthodox lifestyle under Chasidic teachings that is alive, meaningful and serve each individual at their particular spiritual need.

Our future is limitless, the only thing stopping our further outreach is the need for generous support.

What is more important, we await tomorrows challenges, we remain an “informal project” that listens to the needs of the community and hopes to support all who seek support at whatever level.

Please browse our site, learn about the individual parts that make up our whole, and please, support the vital work our staff has undertaken.