Pesach 2020 Q&A

Sholom and Brocha,

I pray this finds you all in good health and making certain you are following the instructions of our medical experts during these difficult times.

Because of these unique circumstances I just want to share some Halachic points that may be different from our usual practices, these can be found below. This is only during the current situation, Der Eibishter should help and we will be in Yerusholayim soon.

Dont forget to make an erev tavshilin before yom tov.

If you have any other questions please phone or message me.

This is trying time for us all… My tefillos are with you all.

We have published several shiurim online and I invite you all to watch them.

Let us soon meet, in good health and strong will.

With brochas for a chag kosher vesomeach

Harav Y Reuven Rubin

Please don’t forget to send in your mechiras Chometz forms immediately to the Beth Din. This year one may sell real chometz too.
If you have not yet sold your chometz you can download the form here.

Some have the minhag to use different articles of previous mitzvos, such as lulovim, to start and help the fire grow. This must not be done this year.
We should limit the actual burning to the ten pieces of bread found during the bedikah….
This burning must only be done in the back garden, in a small way without anyone else joining in the burning.
For those who have no back garden, the can either burn the chometz on a chometzdika hob if they have a separate kitchen, or flushing one piece of chometz at a time, down the toilet.

Some have asked if they need to be mater neder over the fact that this year they may not be able to keep some chomeras that they have before… the answer is no. We all hope to get back to our family minhagim after this year and so there is no need to be mater neder.
One such minhag is not to sell true chometz over Pesach, this year we may.

It would be worthwhile to place your wheelie bins outside before Yom Tov (making certain others have no problem) so that even if there is no collection, the chometz that may have been in them are hefker since we don’t own the wheely bins, rather they are the property of the council.

Maariv is said as usual with the recitation of Hallel, however we don’t say a Brocha.

On the first day we say the special tefilahs for Tal after we stand musaf. We don’t add Morid Hatal till mincha.

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