Lehatzmiach – The Future Of Every Student!

About LeHatzmiach

A few words of introduction.

Every child deserves to receive the ultimate educational experience possible in order to help them achieve their full potential and help them grow spiritually and emotionally.

We believe that no student’s future should be restricted due to a lack of funds.

Avreichim, have become a mainstay in today’s chinuch environment. More and more Yeshiva’s are realizing the great benefits of providing an Avreich to bochurim. Even more so for students who already struggling.

Understandably, such an arrangement would put great financial stress on Yeshivos, which as why it is expected of the parents to bear the costs. Unfortunately, many families are already struggling to make ends meet and this leads to a situation in which many Bochurim are left without the much-needed support of a Yingerman. 


Some years ago one man took upon himself to support one such bochur. One bochur became ten and with Hashem’s help las year we managed to raise over £85,000.

Since then the number of Bochurim in various London Yeshivos who have now got access to Avreichim has risen substantially. The success these boys see with the continuous support of these Avreichim is phenomenal.

In addition to the local Yeshivos, we have been approached by Yeshivos and parents from other towns. It is our hope that with the generous help of the community we will not have to turn anyone away.


In the merit of your ongoing support of Torah and contribution to this important cause which many rely on, may you see hatzlocho in all your endeavors.

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