HIDDEN IN FULL SIGHT | Harav Y. Reuven Rubin Shlita

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Harav Y. Reuven Rubin Shlita

As the days slip by, the rumours seem to feed on themselves. ‘This country is in lockdown,’ ‘that area is toxic,’ ‘don’t visit this family,’  ‘wash your hands once again.’ The list goes on and the mind grows weary. Even those who, for whatever reason, believe the virus has run its course and all this rule keeping’s just political posturing, must probably carry a hint of doubt in their nonchalance.

We certainly are living in difficult times, many livelihoods have been decimated, and so much is coloured in grey. We are in mid summer holiday season, yet many have had to stay home, plans for travel lost in the waste bins of so many wonderful dreams.

Chassidishe Seforim tell us that the main focus for a Yied is to encourage oneself in the belief that everything comes from the Eibishter and is ultimately good.  This is true especially in times when things seem to be going badly and the outlook is bleak. When such situations occur it is a sign that it is time to strengthen our Emunah and never despair. Emunah is the concept of believing everything is from Hashem, Bitochen is actualising this belief and acting accordingly.  Dovid Hamelech tells us in Tehillim (92:3) V’Emunnosecha  ba’leilos….And Your faithfulness in the nights… Gutta Yidden explain that the greatest test of our Emunah is when facing the darkest of challenges, the ‘nights’ of our lives. We Yidden believe whole heartedly that when something seems bad, it is only in truth for the good, and the Eibishter is creating the stage for a Yeshuah. Chazal explain that at the creation of the world the order was first there was night and then day. It is from the dark that the illumination of our days spring forth. The Alexander Rebbe, The Tiferes Shmuel Zt”l tells us that in this weeks Parsha of Eikev there is a hint to this dynamic. When the world seems to be stepping over us, (according to the Medrash Eikev alludes to the heel) it is particularly just then that “we should hearken to these ordinances” which means we should observe these difficulties as the Will of Hashem and for our own good. If we don’t lose ourselves in our challenge, then, as the passage continues ‘Hashem will safeguard for you the covenant and the kindness that He swore to your forefathers.’

We are all going through difficult times presently. There is no way anyone could have ever foretold such an epoch. The men of science are dumbfounded, the air thick with theory’s and propositions. The Majesty of the Eibishter’s Plan is all there is, calling for us to keep our nerve and act with heartfelt bitochen. This is a true nisoyon, and in it is Hashem’s love for His children.

We all share inner anxiety, some find it hard to sleep, others are exhausted. Each is seeing things according to the manner in which Hashem wants us to grow through this moment.

I met Yidden of the Sheiris Hapleitah, sweet gentle souls that experienced unmentionable acts of murder. They told me of their stories, the madness that reigned all about them, and yet, I knew, I just truly felt it, that these humble neshomahs never gave in, never lost faith.

We are living in the waiting room of the Moshiach’s eminent arrival. Who will be here to greet him, who will be zoche to see the rebuilding of the Bais Hamikdosh? You and I, those trembling Yidden who were locked in their homes whilst an unseen murderer stalked our streets.

I often stop mid thought and gaze over my own personal pain. It astounds me to realise that there are so many suffering so much more. I remember my Rebbe’s words: Reuven der velt iz nisht hefker (the world is not without a responsible plan) Hashem embraces us all, we will see ourselves through all the night and soon relish the day.

Don’t lose heart dear friends, Der Bashefer hote unz alle lieb (The Creator loves us all)!



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