A Rabbi’s Journal Volume 2

This Collection of articles was published in 2005 in Rabbi Rubin’s book, A Rabbi’s Journal Volume 2.

In these short takes on contemporary life, Rabbi Rubin – renowned speaker, writer, devoted family man and leader of his flock – does more than entertain. Step into his world of self-effacing humor, crystal-clear vision and pithy wisdom from Torah and Chassidic greats and discover for yourself why thousands seek his council and advice.

This volume was dedicated to Mr Harold Mason who passed away on July the 8th 2003, by his loving family.

A Rabbi's Journal

UNDER A ROCK By Harav Y. R. Rubin Shlita

UNDER A ROCK By Harav Y. R. Rubin Shlita The following is from the second volume of our “A Rabbis...

Hearing and Accepting, by Rabbi Rubin Shlita

As first featured in the first volume of A Rabbi’s Journal authored by the Rav Shlita Hearing and Accepting It...