A Rabbi’s Journal Volume 1

The articles from “A Rabbi’s Journal” first appeared in the UK’s weekly newspaper “Jewish Tribune” The first Volume of “A Rabbi’s Journal” was published in 2001.

In these short takes on just about everything, Rabbi Rubin pierces through the superficialities of everyday concerns to reach the untarnished brilliance of the Jewish soul within.
Rabbi Rubin’s unique blend of sharp focus, upbeat personality and pithy wisdom is more than entertaining – it is enriching.

A Rabbi's Journal

Hair Drying Safety | Harav Y Reuven Rubin Shlita

The following is from our first published book “A Rabbis Journal” volume one Hair Drying Safety By Harav Y Reuven...

A Rabbi's Journal

Just Blame Al

The following is from our first book, A Rabbi’s Journal…..I find the lessons very potent for today as well..enjoy Just...