Appeal from the Rov Shlita

Dear Friend, Some five years ago I was blessed to make the acquaintance of a group of community members here in Prestwich Manchester that sought to create a shul that would have a warm and welcoming atmosphere that would be supportive to everyone attending.

What was meant to be only a small number quickly expanded into a large congregation that has already set its stamp on the entire area.

We have moved twice in this time because space wouldn’t allow for further growth, and last year we entered our present building.

Boruch Hashem we now realize that we must expand yet again, however now we are leasing a space which has been given planning permission for a House of Worship. Our goal is to purchase the property and expand it so as to facilitate double our present numbers.

The shul is more than just a place of worship. We have developed into a community center where a large number of activities take place. These include teaching, counseling and adult education, with special emphasis on youth.

Our immediate goal is to raise the funds so as to facilitate the purchase of our building and do some immediate renovations. Your help will enable us to grow and offer even more to the wider community.

In this merit may you and yours see nachas from all your loved ones and may we all share in the coming of the Moshiach soon.

Rabbi Y R Rubin

Adass Aish Kodesh

The Adass Aish Kodesh Building Fund1