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Help us raise much-needed funds for a local family marrying off a child.

Take part in this great mitzvah of hachnosas kalloh!

Hachnosas Kallo

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Dear Friend,

As you may well understand, there are many communal problems that come to our attention through our work. Our Shul has become more than just a place of Holy Worship, but a place which many turn to for help in a myriad of ways. Our success in helping is dependent on the voluntary support of those few who tirelessly reach out offering their efforts in many different ways.

Sometimes it is the helpers who need help more than others, but they can’t find it in their hearts to ask or stop their work for others.

One such special Yid is in need of great support at this time. He faces huge debts and now has to make a wedding for his child. I am personally aware of all the work this Yid and his family do for others, especially in arranging daily needs like food for large families who otherwise could go hungry.

I turn to you to generously donate as much as you can. Your open-heartedness will help make this wedding the joyous event it so very much deserves to be. I rarely make such appeals, but the circumstances that this wonderful family faces is urgent and their situation deserving of our help.

Let us all share in this great chesed and show this family that cares for so many, that we care for them.