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Featured Projects

The Uplift Magazine

The Uplift Project was started in Memory of our Rebbetzin, Chaiky Rubin O”H. She was a model of what it means to give your self away for others. She made you feel that you were her best friend and did everything she could to make their life better.

In the magaine we bring relevant content to women on all subjects writen by women for women. Highlighting issues which are usualy kept hidden yet at the same time addressing it in a discreet manner.

Besides the magazine we send out care packages for those who may be feeling lonley, are single mothers or just need a boost.

Aish Kodesh

Welcome to Aish Kodesh. The Shul which is a family.

Under the caring Guidance of our Rov Shlita, Harav Y. Reuven Rubin Shlita, we pride ourselves in our warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

As a family we believe that your Family is integral to who we are, with our programs for children and other programs run by The Inform-All Project we  ensure the whole family feels included.

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