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The Familial Approach

Welcome to The Inform-All Project, the heart of community support for Prestwich, Manchester. Led by Rabbi Yitzchok Reuven Rubin, we offer diverse programs for all ages and backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and communal engagement. Join us in creating a vibrant hub where your contribution makes a lasting impact.

Discover our ongoing renovations, paving the way for a one-stop destination in 2024. From a dedicated youth games room to a women’s sanctuary, empowering women, our initiatives focus on building connections and addressing community needs.

Support at-risk teens in our safe and fun games room, diverting them from potential street dangers. Join the Women’s Sanctary for women’s health, workshops, and a therapeutic writers’ club creating a quarterly magazine. Break the stigma, explore self-discovery, and empower others through your experiences.

Find solace in our tastefully designed relaxation room and connect with a warm and inclusive Beis Medrash and Shul, where families feel accepted. Our programs, ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, and Yomim Tovim celebrations strengthen family bonds.

Explore our girls club, financial advice services, and therapeutic sessions. Your donation ensures the success of these initiatives, fostering a stronger, more connected community. Join us in making a difference today.

Featured Projects

The Uplift Magazine

The Uplift Project was started in Memory of our Rebbetzin, Chaiky Rubin O”H. She was a model of what it means to give your self away for others. She made you feel that you were her best friend and did everything she could to make their life better.

In the magaine we bring relevant content to women on all subjects writen by women for women. Highlighting issues which are usualy kept hidden yet at the same time addressing it in a discreet manner.

Besides the magazine we send out care packages for those who may be feeling lonley, are single mothers or just need a boost.

Aish Kodesh

Welcome to Aish Kodesh. The Shul which is a family.

Under the caring Guidance of our Rov Shlita, Harav Y. Reuven Rubin Shlita, we pride ourselves in our warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

As a family we believe that your Family is integral to who we are, with our programs for children and other programs run by The Inform-All Project we  ensure the whole family feels included.

Help Us Make A Difference

The Inform-All Project is a community centre located at the heart of the close-knit community of Prestwich, Manchester. 

Our centre is led by the esteemed Rabbi Yitzchok Reuven Rubin and acts as a vibrant hub where Jews from all walks of life find a listening ear, a sense of belonging, and communal engagement. 

We currently offer a diverse range of programs catering to all age groups and interests.

Plus we give people the opportunity to be in a warm space with hot drinks, and healthy refreshments which is particularly valuable during the cost-of-living crisis.

Our building renovations are underway and our plans for 2024 are to expand and develop into a one-stop destination for the entire community. 

Our plans include the following:

  • A dedicated games room for our youth for recreation and socialising. It will be equipped with a pool table and various other games and activities to provide both a fun and safe atmosphere where teenagers can relax and unwind. It will be a place for them to forge meaningful connections with each other and trusted youth workers. This will serve as an important space for at-risk teens diverting them from the potential dangers of the streets.
  • An Ezras Noshim that will provide women with a space for social activities including a Neshei, workshops focusing on women’s health, exercise and relaxation sessions, cookery demonstrations, etc.


Our goal is to provide much-needed stress relief, reduce anxiety, and address depression through a comprehensive approach to enhance women’s overall health, well-being, and happiness.

One of the women’s projects will be a therapeutic writers’ club resulting in a quarterly women’s magazine specifically tailored for distribution within the Jewish community nationwide. Topics will include expressive writing, narrative therapy, inner-child communication, poetry, and personal autobiography. Participants will be encouraged to discuss personal issues, and mental-health challenges, and bring taboo subjects into the open to break the stigma. Members get to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with group support leading to self-discovery, recovery, and resilience. Participants get to create a magazine using their life experiences to help others. This will raise their confidence and self-esteem and positively influence the readers. This will also allow them to learn new writing skills potentially paving the way for employment in this industry. 

We will also have a tastefully designed relaxation room for women to unwind and have some time out.

A Beis Medrash and Shul (Aish Kodesh) that goes beyond being a place to daven. It is a warm and inclusive community that is non-judgemental. It is a place where families feel accepted when their children do not fit into the standard system. It has programs centered around the Yomim Tovim that encourage family bonding and connection. Weekly shiurim are given on topics relating to the current events that arise within the community plus ‘Ask Me Anything’ a popular Q & A with the Rav.

Other initiatives will include:

  • a girls club with suitable activities e.g. hairdressing, cake decorating, etc.
  • Financial advice and signposting to other charities.
  • Individual and group therapy sessions.

Help Us Make A Difference

Charity number: 1149453