The Alexander Rebbe Shlita, visits Adass Aish Kodesh!

Alexander Rebbe Shlita With Harav y. Reuven Rubin in Adass Aish Kodesh

This Sunday Adass Aish Kodesh was honored with a visit from the Alexander rebbe Shlita from Bnei Braq.

The Rebbe was in London for a wedding of a chossid and decided to make a short trip to Manchester in order to raise much-needed funds for the mosidos in Eretz Yisroel.

On arrival to Manchester, he drove to Aish Kodesh for marriv which was followed by a lechaim in honor of the Rebbe's visit. People were then given the opportunity to speak with the Rebbe in private.

In respect to the Rebbe's visit, Rabbi Rubin said that it was a zechus to have such a great man visit and bestow his brochos on us.

Part of the oilam by maariv

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